Estuary Oysters grows the most delicious oyster in the most nutritious and pristine waters in the world! Our Oyster’s are grown in Apalachee Bay’s upper water column in rolling / floating cages. Floating near the top, the oysters are less susceptible to seafloor predators; the continuous water flow brings them more nutrients; the rocking motion knocks off fouling organisms and chips away at their shells, forcing the oysters to grow round and thick rather than long and thin; and the tidal exposures cause them to contract, creating firmness and texture in the meat. This Oyster ranching method is relatively new, and completely new to North Florida.

The Estuary Oyster Team

Rob Olin | Estuary Oysters

Rob Olin

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Kay Olin | Estuary Oysters

Kay Olin

Owner /President