What Makes Spring Creek and Oyster Bay So Unique?

0 Billion
Gallons of Water

Estuary Oysters | Fresh SpringsEach day over 1.3 billion gallons of fresh water flow from Spring Creek. This pristine area is the largest freshwater shed in the world. It is bordered to the north by over a million acres of pristine state national forests. To the south, the largest seagrass prairie in the Gulf of Mexico moves all those natural aquatic nutrients back and forth with four surging tides per day. 

This is the nucleus of the largest most biologically diverse and essential estuary in North America. Estuary Oysters has led all aspects of sustainability innovation and restoration while growing the most delicious salty and sweet oyster in the world. The secret to our superior oysters is pristine location, robust seed and daily diligence. We touch each cage at least once per week to sort, separate and desiccate for healthy growth. You will definitely taste this every time you eat an Estuary Oyster.

In addition, we grow two more and return all the shells back to the bay for future. Wild oysters set and grow so oysters are the original eco engineers. Being the keystone species, they create structure for over 3000 other species to propagate, feed and grow. These oysters filter over 50 gallons of water each day allowing the sun to reach the ocean floor for things like sea grass and coral reefs to survive and flourish.

It’s an exciting time for both oyster lovers and nature enthusiasts. Our process isn’t new, but it’s changing the world. But in the end, it means you, the customer, receive the freshest, healthiest and tastiest oyster on the planet.